Friday, April 1, 2016

Pocket Prayers by Max Lucado

This week I was privileged to read and review these six pocket prayers by Max Lucado. This collection of small gift books includes:

Pocket Prayers for Graduates
Pocket Prayers for Friends
Pocket Prayers for Dads
Pocket Prayers for Military Life
Pocket Prayers for Moms
Pocket Prayers for Teachers

I'm always excited to read and review books by Max Lucado. He has more than 120 million readers worldwide and I personally own many of his wonderful books!

Pocket Prayers for Graduates:
Pocket Prayers for Graduates focuses on life after graduating high school. It includes "Prayers for My Relationship with God", "Prayers for my Future", "Prayers for Strength and Conviction",  "Prayers for Hope and Peace", "Prayers for my Work and Career", and "Prayers for Relationships". It contains 40 Bible verses and prayers in all. What I like about this book is that it is personalized to meet the needs of a young adult just starting out on their own. Bible verses include topics like Seeking the approval of God and not man, or how we shouldn't be anxious, but we need to rely on God.

Pocket Prayers for Friends:
Pocket Prayers for Friends is a book aimed for virtually anyone. It deals with issues that all of us have problems with, so it appeals to a wide range of people. It includes "Prayers for Grace and Wisdom", "Prayers for Joy and Companionship", "Prayers for Help and Protection", "Prayers for Peace and Problem-Solving", "Prayers for Longevity and the Future", and "Prayers for Love and Forgiveness." It includes 40 Bible verses and Prayers meant to bring joy and Serenity to the reader.

Pocket Prayers for Dads:
Pocket Prayers for Dads is created specifically for dads. It includes 40 simple Prayers and Bible verses that bring strength and faith to the reader's daily life. Topics included are: "Prayers for Faith and Family", "Prayers for Courage and Strength", "Prayers for Leadership and Wisdom", "Prayers for Patience and Balance", "Prayers for Holiness and Integrity", and "Prayers for Fatherhood and Joy." I loved this book because I found it to be a great encouragement to the leader of my household.

Pocket Prayers for Military Life:
Pocket Prayers for Military Life is created specifically for the individual who is involved in the Military. It includes 40 simple prayers that bring Faith and Courage. Topics include "Prayers for Home and Family", "Prayers for Duty and Courage", "Prayers for Protection and Guidance", "Prayers for Perseverance and Faith", "Prayers for Integrity and Honor", and "Prayers for Wisdom and Leadership." This would be an incredible blessing to someone who is currently deployed. The Bible verses and Prayers talk consistently of strength and courage, and having God with you.

Pocket Prayers for Moms:
Pocket Prayers for Moms is created for Moms, and it includes 40 simple prayers that bring peace and rest. Topics include "Prayers for Time and Peace", "Prayers for Protection and Surrender", "Prayers for Guidance and Clarity", "Prayers for Love and Marriage", "Prayers for Healing and Safety", and "Prayers for Grace and Strength." I could personally relate to this book most of all. The topics are just spot on for mothers of all ages. I really enjoyed it.

Pocket Prayers for Teachers:
Pocket Prayers for Teachers includes 40 simple prayers that bring peace and renewal. It includes "Prayers for Inspiration and Encouragement", "Prayers for Clarity and Creativity", "Prayers for Love and Patience", "Prayers for Peace and Protection", "Prayers for Integrity and Grace", and "Prayers for Strength and Endurance." I found this book to be perfect for teachers in any setting. Public school teachers, Christian school teachers, or even homeschooling moms.

What I liked about these books is that the books are so small, they can literally be taken anywhere. The Bible verses and Prayers are short, so they can be read at any time of day. I really appreciate the effort the author has made to do his research to find the best Bible verses for each subject. I would definitely recommend these 6 little Pocket Prayer books to everyone I know. I rate them as 5 stars.

I received these books for free from Litfuse in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion.

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