Friday, November 6, 2015

The Ology by Marty Machowski

"The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New" by Marty Machowski and illustrated by Andy McGuire truly is an amazing children's book! I have never read anything quite so detailed and easy to understand for young children.

It is aimed at early elementary students ages 6-9, and upper elementary students ages 10-12, but can also be used as a supplement for teens and adults. The amazing thing about this book, is that you can kind of customize it to meet your child's needs by focusing on different subjects in the book.

The book starts out with Timothy and Carla as they explore an old church and find a trap door leading down to a basement. Inside, they find an old book wrapped in paper, with a note attached. It explains that the book they are holding is a rare piece of history. Early church pastors taught us how to understand the message of the Bible. Because they studied God, they were called Theologians. Those who were helped wanted to write a book to pass down to their children, so they did and they called it "The Ology." The Ology teaches us what the Bible says about God, people, sin and God's plan of salvation through Jesus. Children loved it. But after many years, The Ology was forgotten. Parents and children began to think that the truths of The Ology were old fashioned and out of date, so one by one, these books vanished. The book you are holding may be the very last book in existence.

The Ology has 5 different sections including: The Ology of God, The Ology of People, The Ology of Sin, The Ology of the Promise and the Law, and the Ology of Christ. The author does a beautiful job of describing theology to children in ways that they can understand. As parents, our children sometimes ask difficult theology questions. I think that this book will help answer most questions a child might ask about God. I would highly recommend this book. I rate it as 5 stars.

I received this book for free from Litfuse in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. To find out more about the author, please visit:

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