Saturday, November 24, 2012


Not too long ago I read a book by Tosca Lee entitled, "Havah". I was introduced to Tosca Lee's writings by a book that she and Ted Dekker wrote together (Forbidden). I was instantly a fan.

Havah is a tale spun about Eve in the garden of Eden. It contains a little bit of truth that we know from reading the Bible, but mostly just speculated fiction suggesting what might have happened. How many children did Adam and Eve have? Did they ever try to find their way back to the garden? I think so many people (myself included) have unintentionally looked at Eve as a horrible person who began the fall of mankind, when really she is no different than you or I. We are all guilty of the same thing. Sin. I do not believe that Tosca Lee is trying to make Eve out to be a heroine by any means, but it certainly makes you think about what it must have been like to be Eve.
I found it hard to put the book down once I began reading. I read many fast-paced, page-turning books (you know my favorite author is Ted Dekker) and this book was no exception. Tosca Lee is set to release "Iscariot" in February 2013 and I am eager to read that book as well. I am sure it will not disappoint. 

Recommended reading age: Teenager and up.

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