Friday, July 24, 2015

The Usborne Book of Science Activities Volume One

The Usborne Book of Science Activities: Volume One is a book that my two older girls absolutely love to have on hand! It's filled with 30 different Science experiments that can be done by a variety of ages. There's some experiments I would specifically use for my three year old, such as testing shapes in a bowl of water or bouncing light off of a mirror.

And then there's experiments made specifically for older children such as building a model water wheel or creating a magnet. I think this book has an interesting variety for the price. On my Usborne book shop you can get it for $13.99, and there's plenty of experiments to keep your little ones busy for the entire school year.

There's also a follow up book to this one called Volume Two if you end up having little Scientists who love to explore and experiment. All in all, I ended up loving this book of experiments. The cartoon pictures were fun and interesting to look at and the instructions were detailed appropriately for children to understand. This book definitely helped my children enjoy Science! I would highly recommend it.

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