Saturday, September 13, 2014

940 Saturdays

There are 940 Saturdays between the day your child is born, and the day they turn 18. "940 Saturdays: Family Activities and a Keepsake Journal" by Harley A. Rotbart is a fun way to document those Saturdays!

"940 Saturdays" is a surprisingly large journal which consists of 480 pages. Each page contains 2 Journal entries which are numbered from 1 to 940, with a space to write the date and write about what you did that day. The journal also comes with a small activity book which is divided into age groups and lists of activities to do with your children. The activities listed are pretty basic, and most of them are things I have already done with my children.

I think the concept of this book is great! I think it's a wonderful idea to document your days with your kids. I think the message that the author is trying to convey is that we should make everyday count. And while I think this is excellent advice, I would push that statement to go a little further to say "Make everyday count". Why wait for the future? Why wait for the weekend? Document everyday with your kids.

I knew what this book was about when I requested it, but it is not exactly what I was expecting. I didn't realize that a majority of this book was blank pages. That's great and all, but I just expected a bit more input from the author. Great concept, but it falls a little short. I rate this book as 3 stars.

I received this book for free from Blogging For Books in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion.

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