Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dancing With Fireflies by Denise Hunter

You know that one book you wait MONTHS for and can't wait to read? After reading "Barefoot Summer" by Denise Hunter, this was the book I was waiting for. "Dancing With Fireflies" by Denise Hunter is the second book in the Chapel Springs Romance series. It follows the story of Jade McKinley, the younger sister of Madison McKinley from the previous book.

Jade is back in Chapel Springs after living in the big city for a year. Everyone is surprised to see here, including Daniel, a family friend who has always been like a big brother to Jade. But she's terrified to let everyone know the secret she holds...of what happened while she was away from home.

As Jade spends more time at home, she finally confides in Daniel, albeit accidental. She plans to tell her family, but it seems like something bad happens every time she tries. Meanwhile, Jade begins seeing Daniel as more than just a big brother figure, although she refuses to admit it. She has been hurt one too many times and refuses to give her love away again. She is oblivious to the fact that Daniel has actually loved her for many years. Will Jade be able to overcome her past so that she can consider a future with Daniel?

I absolutely loved this book! It was the perfect sequel to Barefoot Summer and even periodically mentions Madison and Beckett, which I love. This was one of those books that I had trouble putting down, because it was just that good! I read it in a matter of two nights!

I have become a huge fan of Denise Hunter since reading the first book in the Chapel Springs series. I think of her as somewhat of a Christian Nicholas Sparks. She writes amazing, page-turning, glue-you-to-the-seat books but without a hint of inappropriate content. I think this definitely sets her apart as an author, as she has quickly become one of my favorites! I am most definitely looking forward to the next book in the series and wondering which McKinley sibling it will be about!

I rate this book as 5 stars. I received this book for free from Litfuse to give my honest unbiased opinion.

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