Monday, October 7, 2013

Return to Me by Lynn Austin

"Return to Me" by Lynn Austin follows the biblical story of Iddo, his wife Dinah, and their descendants. As a young child, Iddo was forced out of Jerusalem after watching his family suffer horrific deaths. Throughout most of Iddo's life he has lived in Babylon under pagan rulers. Now after 50+ years, King Cyrus has decided to let God's chosen people return to Jerusalem. Iddo couldn't be happier!

But this decision brings turmoil to Iddo and Dinah's family. Their sons and daughters have established lives in Babylon. They have strayed from God these last few years. Dinah is heartbroken when she faces the thought of leaving her loved ones behind.

Iddo and Dinah's oldest grandchild, Zechariah is just on the brink of becoming a man as he is turning 13 years old. Iddo suggests that Zechariah make his own decisions regarding whether he should stay in Babylon or go to Jerusalem. Zechariah is torn between what God wants and what his father wants, but ultimately listens to God in the end.

I absolutely loved this book! I loved the way Lynn Austen researched the Bible verses and gave her best interpretation of the story! This is only the first book in the Restoration series, but now I am eager to read the rest of the books!

I think the author did a fantastic job in piecing this story together based on what information we have in the Bible. I loved it and rate it as 5 stars!

I received this book for free through Litfuse to give my honest unbiased opinion.

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