Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Hunt for the Devil's Dragon Book Review

I was so excited to read and review "The Imagination Station" book 11: The Hunt for the Devil's Dragon" by Marianne Hering and Wayne Thomas Batson. I have been a fan of Adventures in Odyssey ever since I was a little girl, and now my own kids enjoy listening to it as well! When I was younger, I read through the Passages series which was written by Paul McCusker, one of the writers of Adventures in Odyssey. When I requested this book, I expected it to be somewhat like the Passages series but it was quite different.

I would say that the Passages series is aimed at an older audience of 3rd grade on up whereas The Imagination Station series is written for 1st or 2nd grade on up depending on your child's reading level. I thought "The Hunt for the Devil's Dragon" was a fun read but this book in particular does contain some scary elements and quite a bit of action. So I would recommend reading through this book yourself to make sure it is age appropriate for your child.

The story itself is about a young girl named Beth, and her cousin Patrick. Beth's friend at school has been struggling with a bully, and Beth can't decide whether or not she should get involved. If she stands up for her friend, won't she be bullied too? Beth presents her problem to Whit while having a root beer float at Whit's End after school, when Patrick arrives. Whit suggests that her and Patrick take a little trip in the Imagination Station to help her sort through her problems.

Patrick and Beth are excited until they learn that the adventure Whit is sending them on involves a dragon! Whit convinces them to go anyway, and when they arrive they meet many characters. Sabra, Hazi and their father Tarek. And a brave soldier named Georgius who saves them from the awful Lucius, who is the head soldier. Throughout the story, Sabra and Beth are captured by some men who want to feed them to the dragon, and Tarek is put in jail. It is up to Hazi, Patrick and Georgius to save the day! But they soon find out where the danger lies and it is not with the dragon! Georgius shows what the love of Christ is all about, and how God commands us to love and help others. Even if it means saving someone who doesn't believe the same as you and they are an enemy.

I think this story had a great message and lesson to learn. I rate it as 4 stars. I would have rated it as 5 stars but I could have done without the scary elements. ;)

I received this book free from Tyndale House Publishers to give my honest unbiased opinion.

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