Friday, January 4, 2013

My review of The Captain's Bride by Lisa T. Bergren

This book centers on a young married couple named Peder and Elsa Ramsted, but also tells the story of Soren and Kaatje Janssen, Karl Martensen and Tora Anders. The setting for this book begins in Norway in 1880, and then later to America where they settle into their new lives. "The Captain's Bride" also follows Soren and Kaatje through bitter betrayals, Karl Martensen as he struggles to make the right choices in his new-found faith, and Tora as she learns to make her own way in a new world while making all of the wrong choices.

I was impressed that the author integrated Bible verses and prayers right into the story. I read a lot of Christian fiction and nonfiction, but it's still rare that I see such reverence to God in a novel. I was pleasantly surprised. The author appears to have really done her research of history and the new world in the 1880's as she describes the scenes extensively and beautifully.

I was disappointed, however, to read of the marital affairs in this book. They were not glamorized by any means. On the contrary, the affairs were very much looked down upon and the adulterers were continually prayed for in hopes of God helping them change their ways. I just wish that element of the book had been left out entirely. 

I will still rate "The Captain's Bride" by Lisa T. Bergren as a 3 star rating because of the positive elements in the book.

**I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group to give my honest unbiased review.**


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